Boutique Defamation Lawyers provide a full range of professional and affordable legal services:

Defamation laws are now uniform Australia wide and we act for clients all over Australia as well as internationally.

  • We offer professional legal advise to persons and companies who believe that they have been defamed.
  • We act as advisors to persons and companies who are alleged to have published defamatory material.
  • We can draft, prepare and sends letters of demand.
  • We draft, prepare and serve Concerns Notices.
  • We can draft prepare and consider offers to make amends.
  • We prepare and advise on apologies and retractions.
  • We will act as legal counsel for plaintiffs who prosecute defamation proceedings.
  • We can act for defendants who are sued for defamation.

Boutique Defamation Lawyers is a boutique professional law firm that provides professional legal counsel, advice and advocacy in virtually all areas involved with the progress of a defamation case -  we are experts at preparing all necessary legal documents. We are conscious of the costs and demands of litigation and will always explore the prospects of a settlement.

Can your business afford not to act?