Boutique Defamation Lawyers have acted for a variety of clients across Australia.

We have had carriage of defamation matters in some of the following Jurisdictions in Australia:

The Magistrates Court of Victoria, County Court of Victoria, various District and  Supreme Courts across Australia including SA, WA,QLD, NSW AND VIC.

We have serviced the following private clients:

  1. Politicians

  2. Celebrities

  3. CEO’s

  4. Executive and Managers

  5. Doctors including General Practitioners  and Surgeon’s

  6. Real Estate Agents

  7. Accountants

  8. Other Lawyers

  9. Small and Medium Business Owners

  10. Everyday individuals wanting to fight for their reputation or defend a defamation proceeding.

We have sent defamation legal notices and other forms of legal action  amongst major newspapers, TV Stations, Google, Individuals and even a large Australian State department.

We have removed online reviews for clients.

We have sued other parties for damages on behalf of clients.

We have defended proceedings.

We have a track record of most of our cases settling before a trial.

We have obtained settlements for people defaming others on Facebook in the some of many thousands of dollars, we have defended clients who were up against hundreds of thousands of damages for well proud settlements!   

With our experience and access to barristers specialising in defamation across Australia please give us a try.  We try to be cost conscious where possible and undertake mediation including Alternate Dispute Resolution to save our client’s costs when permitted.